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Eyebrow Extensions

The new Eyebrow extension treatment to hit the market is now available at Blinking Smooth.

Do you have natural gaps? Or perhaps you over-plucked your brows when you were younger? We can now give you the brows you've always wanted.

This process involves carefully gluing synthetic hairs onto existing fine hairs, or directly onto the skin - adding volume or filling in gaps to create the perfect brow look.

So throw away your eyebrow pencils no need to apply your brows daily you can now have longer lasting perfect brows!

Eyebrow Damage or Loss

Many women suffer from damaged eyebrows or eyebrow loss due to:



Blinking Smooth Eyebrow Extensions



45min Brow Touch up £20
1hr 10min Full Brow Reshape
(shape and tint - wax patch test for tint required)
45min Brow Infills (every 10-14 days) £20
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