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Eyelash extensions procedure

1. preparation for the treatment

We advise that you arrive to the treatment without any eye makeup on at all and for contact lenses to be removed as this saves precious lash application time.

A thorough lash consultation will be carried out and we will discuss the look you want to achieve. After this it's shoes off and hop on to one of our cosy couches. We can even pop a quilt over you if you want and leave you to nod off and listen to some relaxing music or chat away for a hour or so.

To prepare for the extensions we clean the eye area and put cold soothing collagen eye pads over your lower lashes to stop them adhering to the top lashes. We can use micro pore tape for this purpose if you prefer. We are now prepped and ready for the treatment…


2. lash application

During consultation we will have discussed which kind of lash look you want and what's best suited for your eyes and your natural lashes. Using two sets of tweezers we isolate one of your natural lashes, then pick up one extension, dab into the glue and place onto the natural lash. We leave it to bond which takes just a matter of seconds with our glue, ensuring they are fullly connected at the base. We move from eye to eye repeating this process until they are full and lash-a-lishious!

We then separate any sticky lashes making sure they are fully separated and indivdual. At Blinking Smooth we ensure that we apply one lash extension to one lash. A final brush through, followed by removal of the pads and the treatment is complete!

3. Finish

Aftercare will be given along with a starter pack. If you have any questions at any time before, during or after the treatment please feel free to ask, if there are any problems whatsoever you can always contact us and we will be happy to solve them for you.

now go and flutter those lashes xx


Still have questions...?

Click here to read our FAQs and learn more about the eyelash extensions procedure.

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